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Iron-On Clothing Labels

At Label Kingdom, we know how important it is to have durable iron-on clothing labels. This is especially true when you lived in an aged care centre and have dozens of other people living around you or a loved on. All our Iron-On Clothing Labels are Commercial and Domestic washing & drier safe. We guarantee they will not fade or peel off.

You have to keep track of all of your clothing, and this is challenging if you don't have labels on it. Iron-on clothing labels are particularly effective because they adhere straight to the fabric of the clothing. They're typically washer and dryer-proof, and this is important for when you clean your clothes or send them to the laundry. 

They're also extremely easy to apply to all of your clothing. They lay flat once you iron them on, and this means that they won't itch or scratch your skin.

We give you several choices when it comes to iron-on clothing labels. First, you get to pick the colour that suits you best. We have white and either black, blue, green, purple, pink or red. 

Next, these labels are large enough for two lines of text on top of one another. You can put your first name in the top line and surname in the second line.

If there's two people with the same first and last name, you can put your middle name, middle initial, preferred name or nickname. They also have six different font choices ranging from fun to professional, and they won't fade with repeated washes. 

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