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Stick-On Mini Labels

Designed to be used for a variety of applications, Aged Care stick-on name labels are 100% waterproof, scratch & fade resistant are ideal for labelling walking frames, walking sticks, toiletries, shoes & other personal belongings going into care. Your loved ones can bring their home comforts with them safe in the knowledge their items have been identified with their name.

You can bring your home comforts into the care home with an assurance of safety and security, thanks to aged-care stick-on mini labels from Label Kingdom. As you bring your expensive clothing, shoes, phone, and other personal items with you, you can rest secure that they are all safely tagged with our bright, durable, aged care mini labels.

Mini labels for personal items work through the use of highly sticky adhesive. You simply need to peel off the protective base cover and stick them onto a clean, dry surface of the item you want to name, and you’re done! 
With every personal item tagged with stick-on mini labels, your parents will not have to lose their walking stick, glasses, and other dear items again. The wonderful staff and caregivers at the home will see to that.

Personalised Stick-On Mini Labels for Aged Care

You may not want to put a sticky name label on every item you or our elderly loved ones own - that is until you see how fun our mini name labels are. We have various designs of mini labels with different sizes, fonts, colours, and styling.
Some of the most popular colour themes include white (background) and black (font), white and blue, white and green, white and red, and more. You can choose from bold to fancy font styles to suit every personality.
What’s in a name? Personality and power. That is why Label Kingdom gives you amazing stick-on mini labels that aren’t just practical, but good looking as well.

Waterproof, Durable Stick-On Mini Labels

Your stick-on mini labels are no good to you if they will come off in the shower, dishwasher, or whatever demanding situation the item will be in. Label Kingdom gives you 100% waterproof stick-on mini labels that won’t peel off unless you really want them to.
Thanks to super-strong adhesive, our mini labels stay secure on the item you attach them to. Despite what you might hear about such labels getting lost, we guarantee you that Label Kingdom stick-on mini labels will stay on for as long as you need them to do so.

Label Anything Fast and Easily

Stick-on mini labels can be put on an item in seconds. Unlike woven and iron-on labels, the application process is fast and straightforward. All you need to do is make sure that the surface you want to fix them on is clean and dry, then remove the protective cover and stick on the label.
Label walking sticks, clothing, phones, and even toiletries fast and easily. No matter where you are, simply put the tag on a surface. 

Quality Stick-On Mini Tags Australia

At Label Kingdom, we give you the best of quality stick-on mini labels in Australia. We are driven by passion and innovation, always delivering on our promise and making your life more comfortable. 
Order your package of stick-on mini labels in Australia today, and let Label Kingdom will deliver ease and comfort to you. Please contact our team for more details. 

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