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Label Value Packs

Designed to assist loved ones with labelling all their belongings when moving into aged care facilities or nursing homes, our Value Packs consists of a mix of stick-on & iron-on labels. Stick-on labels are perfect for labelling walking frames, walking sticks, toiletries, personal items, shoes & more, while our Iron-on labels are a permanent label and are safe for use in both domestic & commercial washers & dryers. Perfect for labelling most clothing & undergarments, you can be safe in the knowledge their clothes will be correctly returned.
All our Iron-On Clothing Labels are Commercial and Domestic washing & drier safe. We guarantee they will not fade or peel off.
Going into professional aged care is stressful for all people involved, but we at Label Kingdom can make it better. As you bring along all those expensive personal items, you’re probably wondering: what if they are lost or misplaced? Our aged care label value packs are our creative solution for that.
Value packs are extremely affordable packs with an assortment of stick-on labels for use on any personal item going into aged care. Even if you are going on vacation, this package works wonders by allowing you to label everything you bring along to the care home.

Custom Label Value Packs

Label Kingdom brings you three types of value packs, each with custom styling options. You can personalise each label by colour, font, and type or design. For example, some of the font colour options include Arial Black, Comic Sans, Georgia, Impact, among others.
You can also customise the colours on the text and background on the gags. Some popular colour combinations include white & black, white & blue, white & pink, and white & red. You then get a special combination of different types of labels including stick-on mini labels, stick-on name labels, stick-on dot and square labels, and more.
  • Value Pack A has 36 stick-on name labels, 50 stick-on mini labels, and 80 iron-on labels.
  • Value Pack B has 36 stick-on name labels, 50 stick-on mini labels, 10 stick-on smart dots, and 80 iron-on labels.
  • Value Pack C has 36 stick-on name labels, 50 stick-on mini labels, 10 stick-on smart dots, 20 iron-on smart dots, and 80 iron-on clothing labels.

Save Time And Money

The value packs are designed to save you time and money on aged care labels. Instead of buying tens of different labels each time, simply order a value pack of your choice and get everything you need delivered in one complete package.

The combined pack returns an incredible value for money, thanks to a large cumulative discount. You can always keep the extra labels around for when you need to tag new items. The value packs are literally a steal, and we are glad that you can take advantage of them to ensure that you never lose a valued possession while in a rest home.

Best Aged Care Labels Value Pack In Australia

You don’t need to sew on labels on tens and possibly hundreds of items. As your elderly loved ones get into professional care, you need to save as much money, effort, and time as possible to spend on more important things.

Label Kingdom Australia has the best-aged care value packs for you. We give you top quality stick-on and iron-on labels that you can customise to your liking. Simply stick the durable, waterproof labels to any surface.

Order your aged care labels value pack now to enjoy unlimited ease and security from the loss of precious items, or please contact our team for more details.

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