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Stick-on Name Labels

Designed to be used for a variety of applications, Aged Care stick-on name labels are 100% waterproof, scratch & fade resistant are ideal for labelling walking frames, walking sticks, toiletries, shoes & other personal belongings going into care. Your loved ones can bring their home comforts with them safe in the knowledge their items have been identified with their name.

Name labels on items of clothing are necessary for aged care homes to distinguish laundry, help with item identification, as well as to help with familiarisation among residents and caregivers. When a loved one is going to an aged care or respite home, having the right name labels makes the transition comfortable and effortless.

Label Kingdom brings you a fabulous line of aged-care products and stick-on labels to help your loved one stand out at their new home. We bring you bright, classy, and durable labels in a large variety of styles. 

Personalised Stick-on Labels

Celebrate your style and personality with the wide range of custom name tags at the Label Kingdom. Various styles are available that you can then personalise with names, numbers, addresses, and other important information. 

Get a stick-on label that you and your loved ones can be proud of. Label Kingdoms lets you choose from a variety of stick-on tags to suit your taste, including:

  • Stick-on name labels: These are available in many different styles, fonts, and colours to suit your preference.
  • Stick-on dot labels: These are patterned name labels in the form of dots, just like kids use.
  • Stick-on name squares.
  • Stick-on mini name labels
  • Stick-on book labels
  • Stick-on allergy labels,
  • Stick-on photo labels

Stick-on name labels are highly versatile and useful. You can also put them on other belongings such as shoes, bags, utensils, and other things your loved one in Aged Care is likely to misplace. For their phones, glasses, notebook, and other personal items, we have small bright mini labels that you can stick on any surface.

Do you want a little bit of everything? At Label Kingdom, we have put together three amazing value packs each with a different mix of various label styles, sizes, and designs. We are sure that you will love them, and that they will meet all your name tag needs for aged care. Please contact our team for more details. 

Durable Stick-On Labels

The labels you put on clothing that will be going into commercial washing machines have to be highly durable. It needs to resist fading, bleaching, and wear. Aged Care homes use such machines for collective laundry, which is why you need durable stick-on tags.

At Label Kingdom, we bring you the absolute best in stick-on labels. Our high-quality aged care labels are designed to be completely waterproof, durable, fadeless, and won’t peel off. They will even survive tumble drying for the lifetime of the garment or item.

Stick-On Name Labels for Aged Care Australia

Our stick-on name labels save you a lot of stress and hassle that comes with misplaced and lost belongings. Label Kingdom stick-on name tags can have two or three lines, allowing you to add more information such as address, phone number, and even a photo if you wish.

With such durable, outstanding, and quality name labels, even misplaced expensive items will always find their way back to you. It will make life so much easier for you and your loved ones so that you can focus on enjoying the finer things of life.

No matter where you are in Australia, let Label Kingdom take care of all your stick-on name tag needs for aged care. With fast and reliable delivery, get your labels on-demand, allowing for a few days shipping. Explore our stick-on name tag catalogue for nursing aged care homes, order, we will deliver your package - 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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