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  • Size: approx. 60mm x 24mm
  • Up to 2 lines of text,
  • max. 18 characters per line

Labels are hand finished to look their very best. The label preview above is a guide only, actual text placement & font size may be adjusted to ensure your labels look their very best. 


Looking for something cheaper? Try our Budget Labels!

If you don’t need labels that have to stand the ultimate ‘kids test”, why not try our budget labels? Made from the same premium grade vinyl, and 100% waterproof, they are, however, not scratch & fade resistant. This option is ideal for labels that will be used indoors, won’t be harshly treated or don’t have to last for years.

To order budget labels, simply choose the pack size you need in the drop-down menu and make sure it says “Budget” behind the pack size. This is an excellent option for the budget conscious customer!

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