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Bag Tags

Tags for kid's bags are a fashionable and fun way to help your child keep track of their bag throughout the school year. Whether you want a more classic kid's luggage tag for travel or a fun and colourful option for your kid's backpack tag, we have them all at Label Kingdom. 

Classic Bag Tag

Our selection of kid's backpack tags is perfect to attach to your kid's bag before they head off to school. We offer 31 different kid's backpack tags with bright colours and fun designs. Whether your child wants animals like bees, dogs, cats and butterflies or more whimsical designs like wizardry and dragons, we have them. You can order a single one or order multiple. Once they arrive, you have the option to write your child's name on the tag if they would like to have it on their tag. 

Personalised Bag Tag

We have a selection of kid's luggage tags that allow you to put your child's first and last name on the tag. We have 23 different personalised bag tags available for both boys and girls, and they range from seasons and patterns to monsters and wizards and everything in between! They're durable as well, and they withstand wear and tear without wrinkling, tearing or scuffing. 

Alpha Bag Tags

Finally, we have our Alpha bag tags. They come in traditional letters in blue and pink, and they're all 100% waterproof. You get a secure hook to attach the tags wherever you like on your child's bag for maximum visibility. They're simple, fun and bright enough to stand out and help you quickly pick your kid's bag out. 

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