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Christmas Reindeer Tree Decorations

Make him in red or any other colour to match your tree, then create a bunch more to complete the herd! 

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Gather your supplies

Red, taupe, light blue felts; Vliesofix; tacky craft glue; red thread; hobby fill; bamboo skewer or knitting needle for stuffing; white embroidery thread; Reindeer Magic template


Note If using a sewing machine to stitch the body, leave 10mm around all sides of traced template line when cutting out. Stitch 3mm in from tracing line then cut away the excess 10mm.


Here’s how

Step 1 Using a photocopier, enlarge the Reindeer Magic template. Cut out and use as a template to cut felt pieces from colours, as pictured, for body and saddle.


Step 2 Glue or fuse 2 layers of blue felt together with Vliesofix and cut out antlers. Blanket stitch or machine stitch body sides together, catching antlers in place and leaving an opening for stuffing. Fill with hobby fill. Stitch opening closed. Attach saddle with glue and use embroidery thread to make a French knot for an eye.


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