I can’t find Label Value Packs, do you still have them?

Put simply, no we don't.

The results of our Customer Survey (conducted after Back to School 2016) showed an overwhelming majority of customers wanted to build their own packs. The main reasons for this were:

(1) they don't use or need all the labels contained in a Value Pack;

(2) they wanted the flexibility of choosing different designs for each type of label i.e they may want icons on Lunchbox Labels but not on iron-on labels. The labels in our Value Packs had the same design for stick-on & iron-on labels;

(3)  they wanted the flexibility to build their own pack & SAVE.

The only way Customers could save previously was to purchase a Value Pack. Now you don't have to! You can build your own pack & still make the same savings you would have previously!

So with this in mind, we have removed Value Packs & have allowed you to  BUILD YOUR OWN PACK & SAVE up to 35%! If you previously purchased an Essentials pack, you would still make the same savings now (after discounts have been applied) as you would have previously. This time though, you can buy what you want & in the designs you want! 

And remember...... all our stick-on labels are now scratch & fade resistant, perfect for labelling a wide range of items including lunchboxes, drink bottles, books, school supplies & shoes! They really are a multi-purpose, durable label.

If you need help deciding which label is best for you, please call us today! 

When we I receive my order?

Personalised products are custom made and printed on receipt of your order and cleared payment. Orders in most cases will be dispatched within 1-4 clear working days of receipt, however, during the Back to School period (Jan & Feb) dispatch times can take up to 7 working days as detailed in our FAQ's below.

We will keep in touch with you throughout your order. You will generally receive three emails from us: 

When you submit your order

Your Order Confirmation / Tax Invoice will be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive a copy, please contact us for a copy

        When your payment has been cleared / received

Your Order will be scheduled into Production, ready for dispatch within 4 business days

        When your order has been dispatched

Your order is ready, has passed our quality inspection and is on its way to you! If you have selected postage with tracking, you will be notified of the tracking details with a link to Australia Post so you can keep up to date with delivery of your order.


How much is Postage and Handling?
Full details on the shipping options available, including production & postage times, can be found on our Shipping Information Page. 

Label Kingdom use Australia Post for all shipments. We offer a FREE POST service for all overs over $50.00 shipped within Australia.

For our overseas customers, your orders will be sent to you by standard international airmail for a flat fee of $15.00. That’s right, no matter how much you order, the maximum you will pay is $15.00! So you can get everything you need at the one time without worrying about high postage costs.

Need your labels in a hurry?

No problem! We offer an Express Post service for both our Domestic & International customers. Prices are as follows:

Express Post:

Australia (domestic)                $9.95 (labels Only)

$12.95 (parcels inc. Book Covers/ Wall Art)

Overseas (international)          $30.00 (labels only)

Please note:

·         the Express Post service speeds up the Australia Post delivery times only. Our standard production time of 1-4 business days remains;

·         We currently do not ship Wall Art or Book Covers to International destinations.

What are my Payment Options?
Visa or Mastercard ONLINE

·        Visa or Mastercard BY PHONE

·         Paypal

·         Direct Deposit


Visa or Mastercard ONLINE

Payments can be made online via our secure online payment gateway “Merchant Warrior”. Your Order Confirmation / Tax Invoice will be emailed to you immediately on completion of your order.


Visa or Mastercard BY PHONE

Not everyone feels comfortable making online payments, so we give you the option to complete your order online with our “Credit Card by Phone” payment option.

Simply select this payment option and call us on Freecall 1800 264 549 to provide your credit card details over the phone. Your Order Confirmation / Tax Invoice will be emailed to you immediately on completion of your order.



Payments can be made via your Paypal account. Simply complete the steps in the shopping cart to checkout using your Paypal account. A copy of your Order Confirmation / Tax Invoice will be emailed to you immediately on completion of your order.


Direct Deposit 

Direct Deposits can be made via internet banking or over the counter at any ANZ Bank branch. Our bank details are:

BSB: 012-821
A/C No: 467319269
A/C Name: J E Torr Pty Ltd t/a Label Kingdom

Please ensure you select the “Direct Deposit” payment option at checkout. A copy of your Order Confirmation / Tax Invoice will be emailed to you immediately on completion of your order.

Please ensure you include your name or Order No. in the reference field, so we can match your payment to your order.

Money Order / Cheque

Money Orders & cheques should be made payable to Label Kingdom and sent to:

Label Kingdom
PO Box 62
Stroud NSW 2425

You can still submit your order online by selecting “Direct Deposit” as the payment option. A copy of your Order Confirmation / Tax Invoice will be emailed to you immediately on completion of your order.

Please remember to include your name or Order No. with your payment.

What are your Office Hours?
Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30 AEST. If calling outside of these times, please feel free to leave a message by calling our Freecall number 1800 264 549 or drop us an email at info@labelkingdom.com.au.

We are very flexible so if these times don’t work for you, we are happy to contact you after hours at a pre-arranged time convenient to you.

Product Application
Stick-On Vinyl Labels 


Our stick-on (vinyl) labels are:

·         100% waterproof

·         Scratch & Fade resistant

·         Dishwasher Safe

·         Microwave Safe

·         Fridge / Freezer Safe

·         Suitable for Shoes

·         A multi-purpose label  


We recommend our labels are applied to a dry, clean, oil free, smooth surface & left to bond for 48 hours prior to immersing in water.


Our stick-on labels have a super-sticky adhesive designed to stick to the majority of plastics used for children’s lunch containers & drink bottles, however, there may be some plastics that simply aren’t compatible with stick-on vinyl labels. The types of plastics they may not be compatible include plastics with surfaces that are too bumpy or rough for the adhesive to achieve a good bond, or they have a naturally oily surface. These circumstances are beyond our control and we leave this to your discretion when applying our labels.

Please do not apply our labels to items that are put in the oven or steam sterilizers and always follow the instructions supplied with your labels for best results.

Iron-on / Clothing Labels 

Our iron-on labels are a permanent, flexible, transfer that bonds to your fabric. They are designed to withstand constant use in the washing machine and tumble dryer in both a private and commercial environment making them ideal for children’s clothes and elderly residents in Nursing Homes.


They are best suited to 100% cotton, 100% polyester materials or polyester / cotton blends. They can also be used on a number of other fabrics and we leave this to your discretion when applying our label.


Once your label has been applied correctly, they will not come off – ever!! 


The secret to best results is HEAT!


In order to activate the adhesive on iron-on labels, your iron needs to be hot. Generally, we recommend the Cotton to Linen setting as the ideal temperature.

Everyone’s iron is different & the heat generated from one iron to another can vary substantially. As a rule of thumb, if you find you need to iron your everyday clothes on the Linen setting (because anything less than Linen doesn’t remove creases), then you may need to use the Linen setting to apply your iron-on labels.


On the other hand, if you find the Linen setting on your iron would scorch or burn your everyday clothes, then the Cotton setting should provide sufficient heat to apply the labels correctly.


If your iron-on labels fall off after the first wash – your iron isn’t hot enough.



·         Please apply your iron-on labels using only the parchment paper supplied with your order. Other kitchen papers, hankies or cloths WILL NOT WORK;

·         A good bond is usually achieved when the grain/weave of the fabric is impressed through the label;

·         Using a hard, flat surface, like a chopping board under your clothing, can assist in getting even pressure over your labels;

·         DO NOT iron directly over the labels once they have been applied. Always iron the fabric on the opposite side to the label.

Please note:

·         Automatic Irons may not be compatible with this product;

·         We do not recommend using bleach or chlorine with this product as this will cause the print to fade over time.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our iron-on labels, please contact us at info@labelkingdom.com.au or FREECALL: 1800 264 549.

Back to School Orders (applies Jan – Feb only)

Label Kingdom are committed to providing the best service and the most efficient turnaround times during this busy period. We recommend you place your orders as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment. 

Please remember that due to the high demand at this time of the year, our dispatch times may take up to 7 clear working days.

For information on delivery timeframes to your suburb, please refer to the Australia Post website at: www.auspost.com.au & our Shipping Information page.

Please note that if you are paying by cheque or money order, you will need to allow an additional 7 business days to the above delivery timeframes. This covers the time for your payment to reach us in the mail as well as bank clearance time of 3 working days.

What Guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase. Please refer to our Refunds & Returns Policy for further details.

I'm having trouble with the internet, what do I do?
If you are having any trouble accessing parts of our website please call us on FREECALL 1800 264 549 and we will assist in sorting out the problem. We can also take your order over the phone for you.

Are there any extra charges?
We do not have any hidden charges, postage and handling is free within Australia on all label orders.

Some products attract a postage fee if total order is under $80.00 and this will be advised at the checkout. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for further details. Credit cards do not attract any merchant fees.

The prices quoted on our website include Australian GST.