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Iron-On Clothing Labels

Label Kingdom has kid's iron on labels that are durable and safe. They'll survive the toughest washes including commercial & domestic washing & drier cycles without fading or peeling off, and they won't bother your child. Our children's iron-on name tags come in three broad categories, and each category has several fun designs and colours to purchase and browse.

Iron-On Name Dots

We have small circular iron-on labels for

kid's clothes that are great for smaller clothing items or for a more unobtrusive look. They come in 21 broad categories that will appeal to both boys and girls alike. Each kid's iron-on label is easy to apply and washer and dryer safe. You can choose from the alphabet, animals, dinosaurs, fashion and much more. 

Iron-On Name Labels

Our simple children's iron-on name tags come in a basic white without any small icons decorating them. You get two lines of text, six different colours and 17 different fonts.

All of these design options allow you to make your iron-on labels for kids truly unique. Whether you want to put on a full first and last name, initials or a full name with a last initial, the choice is yours. 

Iron-On Name Squares

Choose from 22 different categories with our kid's iron-on labels. You can encourage your child's imagination with our fantasy designs or encourage their love of their favourite hobbies and games. You can pick from an 18, 36 or 54 pack when you purchase them, and you can buy more than one package at the same time.

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