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Kids Products

Kids Products

Our selection of kid's school labels is the perfect way to keep track of your kid's items throughout the year. They're especially useful during the school months but they're also great for summer camps and other activities where your little one is with a lot of other kids.

You won't have to constantly replace items because your child misplaced them. With our kid's name labels, you can rest assured that someone will return their items to them. Additionally, we have a huge assortment of labels for kids that work for a variety of applications. They include:

You'll be able to use our durable and fun kid's school labels to ensure that all of your kid's lost items find their way home. They come in several fun colours and designs that make it fast and easy for you to pick out the perfect labels for kids each time you shop.

Customise Your Items With Kid's Name Labels

We know how frustrating it can be to buy labels and have them wear out after just a few uses. This is why we make our vinyl and iron-on labels durable. They come built to withstand normal wear and tear, and this includes washing and drying.

The colourful designs and names won't fade. Additionally, you can include a first and last name or a first name and last initial on each kid's name label you purchase. You also get the freedom to purchase single labels for kids or sheets of them at one time. This is great for the start of the school year when you need a few more to label all of your items at once. 

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If you'd like to purchase your own set of labels for kids, we invite you to take a look. Contact us with any questions.

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