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Iron-On Name Labels

Label Kingdom specialises in high-quality iron-on clothing labels for children of all ages, iron-on labels for bed sheets and all linen. Our iron-on name labels are durable, colourful, and full of personality. Our name labels will survive your washing machine and dryer and won't fade or peel over time. Like all of the products we sell at Label Kingdom, our iron-on labels are made to last. You can choose from a 36, 72, 108, or 216 pack, with all name labels rectangular and 55 mm x 15 mm in size.

Loved by girls and boys of all ages, these labels are a great way to look after your child's clothing whenever they leave the house. Iron-on name labels are a great way to identify, personalise, and protect clothing and other fabric items. From hats and socks to shorts and shirts, these high-quality labels can be ironed onto any fabric item.

Simple Identification with our Name Labels

Label Kingdom offers a wide range of iron-on labels for kids of all ages, including easy-to-read name labels. These labels feature simple text in a variety of fonts and colours over a basic white background. There are no pictures or small icons decorating these labels, with nothing getting in the way of the identification process. These labels are ideal for school clothes and other items that often get misplaced or lost.

These iron-on name labels are still easy to personalise, however, with two lines of text, six different colours, and 17 different fonts available to choose from. There are two separate lines of text available, so you can even add a phone number. If you need help making your own label, we offer an online Label Wizard to help you get started.

Labels for Every Occasion

Iron-on name labels are a simple and elegant way to identify and protect your child's clothing and other belongings. Anything that can be ironed can benefit from these labels, including shorts, skirts, shirts, towels, swimmers, hats, socks, and linen. Our iron-on labels are a great way to identify and protect your child's clothes at school, sports events, sleepovers, or any time they leave the house. Label Kingdom iron-on name labels are great for:
  • Shirts and T-Shirts
  • Pants and Shorts
  • Skirts and Dresses
  • School Uniforms
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Swimming Costumes
  • Towels
  • Bed Linen

Benefits of Label Kingdom Labels

Label Kingdom labels are durable, stylish, and made to last. Our iron-on name labels and other iron-on products are washing machine safe, dryer safe, and easy to apply. If you're looking for simple and elegant name labels that look fantastic and stand the test of time, you've come to the right place. In many cases, these iron-on name labels will last longer than the clothing they're attached to.

The Label Kings

We offer a wide range of iron-on label products, including iron-on name dots, iron-on names, and iron-on squares. We also sell sticker labels, label packs, and other label products for adults and children of all ages.

As the Australian label kings, our comprehensive selection is capable of meeting the needs of your entire family. If you want to look after your child's favourite clothes and other fabric items, these iron-on name labels are impossible to beat. Please browse our huge range of label products or contact our friendly support team today.

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