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Birthday & Gift Labels – a great way to save money & time too!

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to label gifts, then our Birthday & Gift labels are the ideal solution! Designed for presents being given to friends & classmates, you can create your own general purpose message, up to 3 lines in total. 

Make your child's next gift stand out with our kid's gift tags! They're a great way to label all of the gifts your child gives their friends, family, classmates and more. We have 13 different categories for our kid's gift stickers available, and they come in blue, pink and themed. 

These children's gift tags are especially useful if you have a large gift-giving event or occasion coming up because you won't have to worry about handwriting them all. Instead, you can just stick one of our kid's gift tags to the present or present bag, and it's ready to gift. It's efficient, fast and looks great. 

If your kid isn't going to a birthday party but it's a celebration, we have kid's gift stickers for that too! They wish the recipient well on their special day, and this is excellent for a large range of events like reunions, weddings and ceremonies.

All of our kid's gift stickers are very durable as well! They come with a coating that makes them 100% waterproof. This ensures that your kid's gift tags last and that they look great no matter the weather when they gift them. If they get a few drops of water, you can simply wipe them off and leave them. They'll look like new. 

You get up to three lines to personalise your children's gift tags, and each order comes with 24 tags. Additionally, you can also order multiple packs of our kid's gift tags in a single order. If you have a large event coming up, you can finish your label needs all in one order. 

Get Premium Kid's Gift Tags from Label Kingdom!

We invite you to browse our stock of children's gift tags at Label Kingdom and make your kid's next gift-giving experience a memorable one!

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