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Chalkboard Labels

Chalkboard Labels

Label Kingdom has a wide range of chalkboard labels and other stick-on label products. Perfect for anyone who likes to be organised, our chalkboard labels feature a classic chalkboard design that looks great on kitchen shelves or pantries. Our chalkboard labels are full of personality, with different colours and sizes available to choose from. Because you can write directly on the label with a pencil, these products offer the ultimate in personalisation. If you buy bulk food products or enjoy a minimal kitchen look, our chalkboard labels are the ideal solution.

Large Selection of Chalkboard Labels
Label Kingdom offers a wide range of chalkboard labels for your modern kitchen. Our labels are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and fonts, and everything can be personalised to match your home. Like most of our label products, our chalkboard labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and 100 per cent waterproof for long-lasting durability. Chalkboard options include:

  • Classic chalkboard, including large and combo

  • Heritage chalkboard, including large and combo

  • Oval chalkboard, including large and combo

  • Rectangle chalkboard, including large and combo

  • Rounded chalkboard, including large and combo

  • Chalk pencil and eraser set

Our chalkboard labels look fantastic and are very easy to personalise with a pencil. Simply choose the product and size you want from our website, with combo packs available for a consistent kitchen look. It's never been easier to buy a stick-on label because there's no text to add at the time of purchase. If you need help deciding on the perfect labels for your needs, we even offer an online Label Wizard to help you make the perfect choice.

Benefits of Label Kingdom Labels
Our photo labels and other stick-on products are the perfect way to identify your kitchen products. From glass jars of all sizes to plastic containers and wooden boxes, these labels make it easy to create a consistent and stylish kitchen. Our chalkboard labels can also be used throughout your house, in your bathroom, garage, or anywhere else that could benefit from a little organisation. Our chalkboard labels offer identification and personality through practical design and stylish fonts.

The Label Kings
Our chalkboard label stickers come in stylish black like a traditional chalkboard, so it's up to you to write on them and make them your own. All of our chalkboard labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and 100 percent waterproof, which makes them perfect for almost any environment. Our stick-on selection also includes name labels, shoe labels, name dots, name squares, photo labels, mini labels, book labels, shape labels, and allergy labels. If you would like to identify your household items, our chalkboard labels are the perfect choice. Please browse our huge range of label products or contact our friendly support team today.

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