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Mini Labels

Mini Labels Put Your Kids' Names in the Tiniest Spaces

Our name labels help you keep track of your kids’ items throughout the year. There is always a worry that your kids will misplace things wherever they go. We have an assortment of stick-on and iron-on labels in a broad range of sizes and colours. There’s something for every situation and for every child’s interests. Our mini labels are one more way that you can put their name on every little item they carry.

Put Their Name on Everything with Mini Labels

Our mini labels are just the right size for smaller items, such as calculators, pens, and pencils. They offer just enough room to print your kids' names and let everyone know who an item belongs to. Choose from our basic colours, basic white, multi-colour, or pastel stickers.

Our stick-on mini name labels go on anything your kids want to track. Put them on their lunchboxes and drink bottles one time. They are 100% waterproof, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. Your kids don’t have to give their items extra care to prevent the labels from peeling or fading. Their names will stay where they put it for years.

Iron-On Mini Labels

Kids often complain about the labels in their clothing and want them cut out. Our iron-on mini labels are the perfect solution for identifying clothes, shoes, and school bags without the label getting in the way. Our labels easily iron onto the surface with no loose edges to irritate. They stay stuck and take up only a little room. Your kids won’t even know they’re wearing them until something gets misplaced. All it takes is a name label to have your child’s items identified and returned to them.

Personalise Your Mini Labels

Choose your colour or assortment for your label and enter your child’s name in the line provided. Next, choose from 17 fonts. You can see what your name labels will look like on the left side of the screen. Once you have them the way you want them, you’re ready to place your order. Mini labels are less intrusive than standard name labels, and they are for identification only. Browse our standard stick-on labels for designs that have room to include mum's or dad's contact information, allergy information, or a photo.

Name labels seem like such a simple thing, but they make a big difference when your child often misplaces their belongings. Label Kingdom is well-known in Australia for making the best quality labels in all sizes and colours, as well as in a wide range of designs.

Shop our label packages for everything you need for one, two, or more children’s belongings. Get a variety of labels to go on everything they take to school, camp, and more. There’s a design to suit every child’s interest and age. We have popular themes that your boy or girl will love.

If you need help deciding on a label design or label package, contact us with your questions. We have solutions for all of your child’s labelling needs. Label Kingdom is known for making labels that are easy to use, practical, and kid-tough – and really work!

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