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Name Squares

Name Squares Are Ideal for Smaller Spaces

The less intrusive design of our name squares makes them ideal for a broad range of uses. We also offer a choice of iron-on or stick-on designs for more versatility. These small stickers don’t take up a lot of space or dominate even the smallest items. They are great for keeping track of all your children’s belongings for years at a time.

Iron-On Name Squares

Many iron-on labels are difficult to apply and don’t stay in place no matter how hard you try. Ours are commercial and domestic washing and dryer-safe so they stay in play for years. They even stay on items that get laundered almost daily. Our labels are tough, so they don’t fade and wear out before the garment you put them on. Guaranteed!

Our name squares have a lot of style in a small space. We offer a broad range of designs including everything from the alphabet to space and planets. There are styles that work for boys and girls, too. Our custom designs make personalising their belongings a lot more fun.

Stick-On Name Squares

Children are always misplacing their items at school, leaving you with the expense of replacing them. Our stick-on name squares are the right size to stick on lunch boxes, drink bottles, books, and a lot more. They are 100% waterproof and dishwasher- safe so you can wash them every day.

Use stick-on name squares to alert the teaching staff to any serious allergies your child has. It’s an easy way to protect them when you aren’t there. We also have basic white and basic colour stickers with no icons to meet every taste.

Why Parents and Kids Love Our Name Squares

The corners are often the first area of a sticker to pull loose. Our name squares are made with rounded corners for better adherence. All of our name labels are of the highest quality. They last longer and keep their colour, so you never have to replace them.

Boys and girls, toddlers and teens, all children have items they need to identify! Our Label Wizard will help you decide what to buy. Get our stick-on name squares for their lunchboxes, shoes, calculators, and school stationery. Our iron-on labels work great on clothing, bed linens, and more. Whether you’re getting your little one ready for kindy or sending your tween off to camp, there’s a label that fits every item.

If you need help choosing the right labels, contact us today.  A label package includes a variety of label sizes and styles that you choose. Include enough name squares for all of your child’s small items for school, camp, or any occasion where items might get misplaced.

Label Kingdom is Australia’s favourite place to purchase name labels. That’s because our labels are easily used, practical, and kid-tough – and they work. If you’re tired of replacing items every time they get misplaced, we have a solution that will work for you.

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