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Name Labels

Why You Need Name Labels for Your Kids

Kids have a lot of similar interests, and they use the same kinds of tools at school. Name labels are a simple way to identify what belongs to your child and what doesn’t. School isn’t the only place you need labels. They also help you identify your kids’ belongings at summer camps, dance schools, sports practices, and other activities.

It takes more than one type of label to cover all of your child’s needs. Our stick-on school name labels are great for:

  • Lunchboxes

  • Drink bottles

  • Shoes

  • Pencils

  • Calculators

  • School stationery

  • Books

  • School bags

  • Anything solid!

One of the biggest problems parents have is with name labels that fade or peel. You don’t want to replace the labels every time you clean a lunchbox or when your child uses their pencils. The labels from Label Kingdom are durable and long-lasting.

We have labels made specifically for different purposes. Check out the Label Wizard to see what we recommend. Our adorable designs not only identify your child’s belongings, but they also keep their colour and stay put. Some parents report labels that last longer than the products they stuck them on!

Benefits of Using Name Labels

Buying name labels is a cost-effective way to keep track of your child’s items. How many times have you had to replace items because your child misplaced them? All you need is a name label to ensure someone will return misplaced items. Label Kingdom has a range of labels for all kinds of applications.

Iron-On Name Labels Ideal for Clothing and Uniforms

It takes a quality iron-on clothing label to stay in place through repeated wearing and laundering. Ours are commercial & domestic washing machines and dryer safe. Keep track of your child’s clothing at camp, school trips, and more. Simply iron the label into the desired spot and make it easy to track any clothing item.

Keep Track of Children’s Items at School for Less with Our Kids’ Label Packs

It takes a variety of name labels to keep track of everything your child owns. The job is a lot easier and more affordable with the Label Packs from Label Kingdom. Our labels are all 100% waterproof and dishwasher-safe. They stay on items that you wash every day and even when kids get caught out in the rain.

We start with the Bare Necessities Pack that includes labels from six different categories. You also have the choice of printing your child’s name in a variety of fonts or blanks that let you customise each label.

If you have more to customise, consider our Essentials Pack for a variety of categories including 124 stick-on and iron-on labels. This label pack includes labels from eight categories. Get everything you need to outfit every piece of your child’s clothing and all of their personal items too.

The Ultimate Pack comes with labels from seven categories and includes 365 labels total. The super tough labels from Label Kingdom go on all types of services and last a long time without fading, peeling off, or tearing.

Shop kids’ name labels for everything you need to keep track of your children’s belongings. No other brand provides better, longer-lasting results. If you need help, contact us today.

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