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Shoe Labels

Label Kingdom are the shoe label specialists. We have an impressive selection of stick-on name labels for boys and girls of all ages. From name labels and shape labels to book labels and photo labels, we can help to protect and identify your child's belongings with colour and style. Our shoe labels are full of personality, with different colours available and a wide range of fonts to choose from. Our shoe labels are made to last and perfect for girls and boys of all ages.

Protect your Shoes with our Label Selection

Label Kingdom offers a wide selection of shoe labels and other stick-on labels for children. Regardless of your child's age or personality, our shoe labels are a great way to protect and identify shoes whenever your child is away from home. All of our shoe labels come with a stylised foot design, with multiple colours available to add a touch of personality. Girls and boys can select their favourite colour, with black, blue, lilac, lime green, pink, and red all available to choose from.

Along with choosing a colour, you can also stylise your shoe labels by selecting your own font. From bold and impactful fonts to sophisticated modern and cursive fonts, you can make our labels your own. Our shoe labels are 100 percent waterproof – after all, we know how much kids love jumping in puddles. Our shoe labels are easy to personalise – just add your child's name or other information with two lines of text. If you need help deciding on the perfect labels for your needs, we even offer an online Label Wizard to help you make the perfect choice.

Labels for Every Occasion

Shoe labels are a great way to identify your child's shoes at school, sporting events, or anywhere else they like to go. We all know how expensive shoes can be, especially when you've got multiple pairs for school, sports, and other activities. Our shoe labels are 100 percent waterproof and great for all types of footwear, so you can buy multiple kits and never worry about your child's shoes ever again.

Label Kingdom shoe labels are great for:

  • School shoes

  • Sports shoes

  • Football boots

  • Dancing shoes

  • Formal shoes

  • All footwear!

Benefits of Label Kingdom Labels

Our shoe labels and other stick-on products are 100 per cent waterproof for long-lasting durability. Along with dedicated shoe labels, we also offer labels for a range of other purposes. From school books and lunch boxes to photos and water bottles, our stick-on labels add colour and personality to any surface. If you want high-quality labels that look fantastic in any environment, you've come to the right place.

The Label Kings

We have a wide selection of kids' label stickers in several sizes, shapes, and colours. From traditional name stickers to more serious allergy alerts, Label Kingdom are the leader in stick-on labels. We specialise in practical labels with bright colours and durable designs. With our extensive selection and low prices, you're sure to find exactly what you need. All of our shoe labels are 100 percent waterproof, which makes them ideal for any type of footwear.

As Australia's leading label company, we stock a large range of shoe labels and other fantastic products. Our stick-on selection also includes name labels, name dots, name squares, mini labels, book labels, shape labels, photo labels, allergy labels, and chalkboard labels. If you would like to protect and identify your child's shoes with fun and colour, our shoe labels are the perfect choice. Please browse our huge range of label products or contact our friendly support team today.

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