Labels For Aged Care

Labels For Aged Care

Personalised Iron-On Name Tags for Aged Care

Our Iron-On Name Labels are designed to withstand both commercial and domestic washing and drying processes, and they meet the stringent standards required by Nursing Homes. Keep track of personal belongings in aged care with our high-quality and easy-to-use iron-on name tags.

These durable tags adhere securely to clothing, ensuring items are easily identified and returned to their owners. Our personalised iron-on name tags are perfect for nursing home residents, promoting independence and organisation. Choose from a variety of designs and fonts to add a personal touch to your loved one's clothing.

Iron-On Clothing Labels for Aged Care

Simplify the laundry process and prevent lost items with our reliable iron-on clothing labels for aged care. Our labels are designed to withstand numerous washes and maintain legibility, making them ideal for nursing home residents. Simply apply the iron-on label to clothing items, ensuring quick identification and hassle-free sorting. Personalise each label with your loved one's name for easy recognition and organisation.

Nursing Home Name Labels for Aged Care

Ensure the belongings of your loved ones in nursing homes are clearly labelled with our nursing home name labels. These specially designed labels provide a practical solution for easy identification and organisation. Our nursing home name labels are durable and easy to apply, making them ideal for personal items, clothing, and more. Choose from a range of designs to add a personal touch and help your loved ones feel at home.

Effortless Labeling with the Label Kingdom's Aged Care Nursing Home Label Pack

Discover ease and organisation with Label Kingdom's Aged Care Nursing Home Label Pack, tailor-made for the residents in aged care facilities, ensuring swift identification of all personal belongings by staff and residents alike.

Inside Your Label Kingdom Pack:

80 Iron-On Clothing Labels — Clear and durable labels for all garments

18 Iron-On Clothing Dots — Personalized touch to each clothing item

36 Stick-On Labels & 50 Stick-On Mini Labels — Versatile labels for various items

10 Smart Shoe Dots & 18 Stick-On Dots — Making every item, including footwear, easily identifiable

Personalized Text — Featuring up to 2 lines of text, with 18 characters each, for detailed identification

Why Choose Label Kingdom:

Over 15 Years of Expertise — As an approved supplier with years of experience, Label Kingdom guarantees quality and reliability.

Cost-Efficient — Offering a budget-friendly alternative to individual item purchases.

User-Friendly — Accompanied by a straightforward guide for convenient application.

Opt for Label Kingdom's Aged Care Nursing Home Label Pack for a hassle-free and efficient solution to labeling needs in aged care environments. Place your order now and embrace the simplicity and organization it brings to daily living.

Your Ideal Choice for Short Stays: Label Kingdom’s Respite Label Pack

Label Kingdom presents the Respite Label Pack, curated for brief stays at aged care or respite facilities. This assortment guarantees the easy identification of your loved one’s belongings, promoting a hassle-free stay.

What’s Inside:

80 Iron-On Clothing Labels – High-quality labels resistant to fading

36 Stick-On Labels & 50 Mini Labels – Versatile and perfect for non-clothing items

10 Smart Shoe Dots – Designed for easy footwear identification

Personalized Text – Customize with up to 2 lines, 18 characters per line

Why Choose Label Kingdom:

Trusted Expertise – With over 15 years in the business, rely on us for quality and service

Durability Assured – Labels designed to endure, staying put and legible

User-Friendly – Easy to apply on various surfaces, staying intact during washing

Order Label Kingdom’s Respite Label Pack today and secure peace of mind, knowing all belongings are labeled correctly and conveniently.

Label Kingdom's Aged Care Short Term Label Pack: Label Your Belongings with Unmatched Ease

Discover the ultimate solution to labeling belongings during short stays at aged care facilities with Label Kingdom's Aged Care Short Term Label Pack. Equipped with a comprehensive assortment of labels, it effortlessly meets all your labeling needs.

In Your Label Kingdom Pack:

40 Iron-On Clothing Labels — Durable labels to withstand multiple washes

36 Stick-On Labels & 50 Mini Labels — Versatile solution for non-clothing items

Customized Text — Up to 2 lines with a max of 18 characters each, for personalized labeling

Why Label Kingdom?

Trusted Supplier — Leveraging 15+ years of expertise as an approved supplier for aged care facilities

Quality Assurance — Offering labels crafted from high-grade materials for longevity

Ease of Use — Simple application process backed by detailed instructions with every order

Embark on a hassle-free labeling journey with Label Kingdom's Aged Care Short Term Label Pack, where convenience meets quality. Place your order today and step into a world of easy and reliable labeling solutions.

Bag Tags for Aged Care

Ensure the safety and easy identification of personal bags and luggage in aged care with our range of bag tags. Our durable and stylish tags are designed to withstand travel and provide clear identification. Personalise them with your loved one's name and contact information to ensure their belongings are never lost or misplaced. Shop our collection of bag tags today and add an extra layer of security to their personal items.

Removable Wall Art for Aged Care

Create a warm and personalised living environment in aged care with our removable wall art. Our specially designed wall decals and stickers can be easily applied and removed without damaging the walls. Add a touch of colour, positivity, or familiarity to living spaces, making them feel more inviting and comforting. Choose from a wide range of designs and themes to suit individual preferences and create a personalised atmosphere.

Care Packs for Aged Care

Show your loved ones in aged care that you care with our thoughtfully curated care packs. Our care packs are filled with essential items, comforting treats, and personalized touches to brighten their day. Each pack is carefully assembled to provide practical and emotional support, promoting well-being and happiness. Browse our selection of care packs and send a meaningful gesture to your loved ones in aged care.