Shop Aged Care Labels

Shop Aged Care Labels

Our Iron-On Clothing Tags are designed to withstand both commercial and domestic washing and drying processes, and they meet the stringent standards required by Nursing Homes. We confidently assure you that our tags will retain their clarity and adhere consistently, without any fading or peeling. 

Application paper and detailed step by step instructions sent with every order.

With so many residents in aged care facilities, laundry can be hectic. It's easy to misplace things, mix up clothing or not be sure who owns what. This is where we can help at Label Kingdom with our line of aged care products. They're perfect for use on a variety of clothing, accessories and personal items.  

We have several fun styles available that are an excellent alternative to traditional labels. Our aged care products are easy to apply, bright enough to stand out and durable enough to survive repeated wear. They include: 

  • Iron-On Clothing Labels - These iron-on clothing labels come in six different colour options. They're washer and dryer safe, and you get two lines for writing a first and last name. 
  • Iron-On Clothing Dots - Our line of iron-on clothing dots are smaller and perfect for putting inside the back collar of clothing. They're washing and dryer safe. You get six bright font colours and seven unique fonts. 
  • Stick-On Name Dots - Keep all of your shoes in order with our stick-on name dots. They're 100% waterproof, and come in a huge range of styles. 
  • Stick-On Name Labels - These slightly larger stick-on name labels are excellent for toothbrush holders and larger personal items. They're also bright enough for people to easily see them. 
  • Stick-On Mini Labels- Help your loved one keep track of their phone, notebook, makeup, sunglasses, glasses and more with these dual line stick-on mini labels
  • Label Value Packs - Maybe you want a little bit of every type of label. If so, you can buy a label value pack. We have three to choose from, and they come with a variety of different labels. 

Clothing Labels for Aged Care

As the number of residents in aged care facilities continues to grow, it can be challenging to keep track of personal belongings, especially clothing items. This is where Label Kingdom's clothing labels for aged care come in. Our high-quality, durable labels are perfect for use on a range of clothing, accessories, and personal items, ensuring they remain easily identifiable and prevent any mix-ups or loss.

We understand the importance of maintaining the dignity and independence of aged care residents, which is why our clothing labels are easy to apply and do not irritate the skin. Our labels are also suitable for commercial and domestic washing and drying, ensuring that they can withstand the rigorous laundry process in aged care facilities. Whether it's for personal use or as a gift for a loved one in aged care, Label Kingdom's clothing labels for aged care are the perfect solution to keeping track of belongings.

Investing in Label Kingdom's clothing labels for aged care is a simple yet effective way to prevent lost or misplaced belongings. Our labels are customizable with a range of design options and can include name labels, laundry labels, and clothing name tags for aged care. With our easy ordering process and fast delivery, keeping track of your loved ones' belongings has never been easier. Shop our range of clothing labels for aged care today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their belongings are easily identifiable and safe.

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