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In-Style Iron-On Dots for Daycare.

Step into Daycare Corner's exclusive range of In-Style Iron-On Labels, where every little detail is crafted keeping our youngest style icons in mind. Merging the whimsy of childhood with fashion-forward designs, these labels are perfect for the tiny trendsetters of today.

Daycare is a world of discovery, play, and the occasional lost jacket or forgotten scarf. With our In-Style Iron-On Labels, not only do these belongings find their way back to their mini owners, but they do so with flair. Every label is a blend of durability and delightful design, ensuring your child's items stand out in the most stylish way.

Our labels are tailored to bond seamlessly with an array of fabrics, ensuring longevity through countless adventures and laundry cycles. Crafted with precision, they resist fading and wear, perfect for the energetic pace of daycare life.

In our collection, you'll find an array of designs – from playful dinosaurs and magical unicorns to trendy geometrics and pastel palettes. There's something for every little personality, making each piece of clothing or accessory uniquely theirs.

With Daycare Corner's In-Style Iron-On Labels, it's not just about identification; it's about adding a touch of fashion to functionality. Let your child's belongings shine with style and sentiment, making every day at daycare a runway-ready occasion!

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