Removable Wall Stickers

Removable Wall Stickers

Introducing our collection of Removable & Reusable Fabric Wall Stickers, the perfect solution to banish blank wall syndrome! Instantly transform your baby's nursery, kids' bedroom, or children's playroom with these delightful decorations. Made from a fine-weave fabric that doesn't stretch, our wall stickers adhere to most clean flat surfaces, including textured walls. Whether you're a homeowner or renter, you can easily add a special touch to your space without worrying about sticky residue or wall damage. With Label Kingdom's top-notch fabric wall stickers, you can turn boring walls into vibrant scenes bursting with colors, stimulating the imagination and creating a cheerful atmosphere. Explore our wide range of styles and designs to find the perfect fit for your room. Get ready to bring life and personality to your walls with our removable and reusable fabric wall stickers from Label Kingdom Australia!

Removable and Reusable Fabric Wall Stickers

Label Kingdom fabric wall stickers are completely removable and reusable. Unlike vinyl stickers and decals that tear and stretch, fabric stickers are strong and come off easily on demand. They are perfect for rented rooms, aged care houses, hospital rooms, and other such spaces.

Furthermore, our fabulous fabric wall stickers allow you to change the mood at will. If you desire a different theme or colour scheme, simply pull down the current stickers and put up new ones. Minimum hassle, maximum utility.

These colourful stickers bring life into any room, no matter how grey it is. If you fancy lively pictures of nature, the stars, or simple aesthetics, we have got it all.

Safe and Fun Fabric Wall Decals

While vinyl decals for walls have dominated for years, safety issues regarding VOCs (volatile organic compounds) mean they could be unsafe for use in sensitive environments. However, now you can go all out and get fabric wall decals for your loved ones in aged care.

These have a different look and feel due to their texture. They are lively and super easy to fix and remove, with superior protection against tearing. Whether your wall is textured on not, you can always put some fabric wall decals on it. Plus, they have no VOCs to worry about.

Easy Fix Fabric Wall Stickers

Fabric wall stickers represent a revolution in fabric material and adhesive technology. It brings a whole new meaning to wall art, where the fabric is the medium. With up to 2540 dpi of printing resolution possible, Label Kingdom helps you bring the world into a room.

Our fabric wall stickers come with an easy-application adhesive that allows you to just stick the fabric on any non-porous wall. Once you pull off the fabric, it comes off with the adhesive and leaves no residue.

You can wrap fabric stickers around corners, but perhaps the best thing about it is that you can reuse it countless times without a loss in adhesive quality.

Fabric Wall Stickers Australia

At Label Kingdom Australia, we are on a mission to make your life better and more fun. We bring you a wide range of fabric wall stickers for use in aged care homes, nurseries, and any other room that needs cheering up.

You can choose from various designs including animals, themed stickers, wall art, and more. Order your reusable fabric wall stickers and transform that boring grey space into an aesthetic nirvana, or please contact our team for more details.