Book Covers

Book Covers

Elevate your child's school experience with our school exercise book covers from Label Kingdom. Our book covers are designed to protect and personalize their exercise books, adding a touch of style and durability to their academic journey.

Made with high-quality materials, our school exercise book covers offer reliable protection against spills, tears, and everyday wear and tear. They ensure that your child's exercise books stay in pristine condition, ready for note-taking, homework, and creative projects.

Our collection of school exercise book covers includes a range of sizes to fit various exercise book dimensions. From standard A4 to smaller exercise books, we have the perfect cover to accommodate different school subjects and requirements. With our covers, your child's books will stay neat, organized, and protected throughout the school year.

Choose from a variety of captivating designs, including vibrant patterns, popular characters, and educational themes. Our collection caters to every child's interests and personality, making their exercise books stand out from the rest. Personalize their covers with their names or inspirational quotes, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their academic work.

Not only do our school exercise book covers provide essential protection, but they also add a touch of creativity and personalization to your child's school supplies. Stand out in the classroom with our stylish and durable covers.

Invest in our high-quality school exercise book covers and give your child the confidence to excel in their studies. Shop our collection of school exercise book covers for kids at Label Kingdom and enhance their school experience with functional and fashionable covers that make a statement.

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Label Kingdom is proud to present our exciting range of kid’s school book covers, perfect for the beginning of the new school year for fresh notebooks or as a re-do for those worn, tired school books at the start of a new term! We are known by parents around Australia for our popular labels for kids range, featuring our Iron-On Clothing Labels, Stick-On Name Labels, Bag Tags and other much-loved back to school supplies. We have created some amazing in-house designs in a multitude of imagination-inspiring patterns and icons, in vibrant, eye-catching colours which every child will enjoy! 

What are Kid's Book Covers?

To answer this question simply - book covers are used to protect a notebook, scrapbook, or textbook in various sizes from damage and the daily wear and tear of a primary school child’s everyday lifestyle (hopefully to last throughout the semester or the year).

Back in the day when many of us were in primary school those long years ago, our parents would apply clear contact or a sticky wrapping film to our school books. Some featured colourful designs featuring cars, cats, cartoon princesses and even comedic caricatures to differentiate a child’s book from the many others purchased from exactly the same store or even the school itself. Others may have seen a plain, clear contact film applied to protect the book from damage and being soiled to the point of replacement (very difficult for a primary school child to keep things far from perfect in many cases) and enhance the longevity of the book. 

For a notebook or scrapbook, this extended period of protection required is usually just to the end of the term or school year. Many parents understand and appreciate how difficult it is keeping a child’s belongings in a usable (not even pristine) condition. Sometimes parents may also keep completed notebooks and textbooks throughout primary school as a memento of the child’s younger years, watching their little baby advance through their school years with pride, seeing them develop and grow. Although for parents, no matter how old your child becomes, we know in our hearts that they will always be your “baby”. 

For textbooks, applying a book cover is the best solution to hopefully make the textbook last the term for the next child to reuse and potentially save those hard-earned dollars used to purchase (as these textbooks usually don’t come cheap). Whatever the use may be, a reusable book cover from Label Kingdom now sets the benchmark of ease-of-use, quality and design for book covers online. Shop our vast collection of:

Discover the awe-inspiring and exciting Label Kingdom range of book cover labels and book covers online today!

Buy Book Covers and Book Cover Labels online at Label Kingdom 

No need for tedious, bubble-filled book wrapping - simply slide-in at the start of the school year or term and slide off once ready for the next. This is the beauty of our unique, hassle-free and expressive school book covers range for kids - we make it easy for you and fun for the kids! Made to suit books of standard shapes and sizes. 

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