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Stick-On Name Labels

We have a host of children's label stickers available in several sizes and shapes. From traditional and simple kid's name stickers to more serious allergy alerts, you can get it all from Label Kingdom. We offer bright colours and fun shapes with our kid's name stickers, and our selection ensures that you'll find exactly what you need. All our name label stickers are 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe, this makes them perfect for drink bottles and lunch boxes etc. They'll stay stuck for years.

You can get:

  • Name Labels - We have 23 name labels available in dozens of styles. The hardest choice you'll make is helping your kid decide on their new favourite label!
  • Name Dots - If you need a smaller dot-style kid's sticker label, our name dots could be a great fit. They come in 21 different styles with fun patterns.
  • Name Squares - You'll get 25 different categories with our name squares. They have soft rounded edges with small logos. 
  • Mini Labels - Our thin mini labels come in multi-colours, pastels, white and basic with no icons. You also choose from 17 different fonts. 
  • Book Labels - Keep track of all of your child's books with our collection of 26 children's book label stickers. You get up to six per order. 
  • Shape Labels - Let your child's imagination soar with our fun shape labels. They come in six categories with several themes. 
  • Shoe Labels - Use our shoe labels to keep your child's shoes secure. We have six different colour options available with cute feet icons.
  • Photo Labels - Personalise your kid's name labels with a photograph! It's perfect for those parents whose kids share a name. 
  • Allergy Labels - Keep your kids safe with our allergy alert labels! You can choose from photo, dot or rectangular labels. 
  • Chalkboard Labels - Help organise your child's room with our chalkboard labels. They're easy to apply, stick securely and come in 15 different shapes. 

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Take a look at our stock of children's label stickers and start your school year off right!

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