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Name Dots

Send a Message with Our Name Dots

There are so many places to use our name dots and put your kids’ names where it matters. Our stick-on labels do a lot more than identify your child’s belongings. Personalise your choice with their name or message on a 100% waterproof, dishwasher-safe label. Alert anyone who needs to know that your child has a serious allergy. Food allergies and medical alerts are great reasons to put name dots on lunch boxes, drink bottles, and more. The messages stay stuck for years – often longer than the product lasts.

Our stick-on name dots come in a wide range of designs to suit your kid’s interests. Many of our styles are also appropriate for older kids. You can also keep it simple with a “This belongs to…” or a basic colour with no icon. Browse our Alphabet collection to turn every item into a fun monogram. There’s something for every age and every interest.

Keep Up with Their Clothes with Iron-On Clothing Labels

Our small circular iron-on labels are perfect for the smallest kids’ clothes. Choose from 21 broad categories suitable for both boys and girls. Each label irons on easily and stays on. They are washer and dryer-safe, so they last long after the kids outgrow their clothes.

Remember that expensive coat she just had to have last year? Ironing on a fashion-themed name label will ensure her new one doesn’t get misplaced. It isn’t unusual for kids to take off their jackets and leave them behind. With their name securely ironed in place, every item of clothing will find its way back to them.

If your kids go to camp or sleepovers, you need to keep track of all their clothes, shoes, and sleeping bag. It couldn’t be easier to add their name using our name dots that iron on.

Get What You Need with Our Label Packs

Most parents need more than one size and/or style of label to keep track of all their kids’ items. Our Label Packs make it easy, fun, and more affordable to get all the labels you need. Choose from our Bare Necessities Pack, Essentials Pack, or the Ultimate Pack for your specific needs. The great thing about our label packs is that you still have choices from an extensive variety of label sizes and styles.

Get all the school name labels you need from Label Kingdom. Our fun and durable designs make it fun for any child to identify their belongings. Choose from 100% waterproof stick-on labels for items, such as their lunch boxes, drink bottles, books, and pencils. Include our name dots for smaller items where a less intrusive label is the best choice. Mix and match the stick-on and iron-on name dots for all kinds of items.

No one offers a larger variety or a better quality name label than Label Kingdom. Parents love our labels because they can use them with ease, they are practical and tough, and they work! Contact us for more information about choosing the right labels for your needs.

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